What Tool Could You Not Go Without In The Kitchen?

When it comes to working in a professional kitchen, there is sure to be plenty of equipment and machines dotted around to help with everyday tasks. From the humble wooden spoon to the mighty oven, all kitchen equipment, big or small are essential to helping with your daily culinary challenges. But which could you not go without? Is the mixer your most useful item, or perhaps the fryer machine is one you find most useful? Well here at Russums we just couldn’t decide so we have listed our top five must haves for the professional kitchen.  

  1. Kitchen Aid Professional Food Mixer


The Kitchen Aid professional food mixer offers ten different speeds, 4.8 litre capacity, bowl lift control and safety interlock. This is a great mixer for the professional kitchen and one that will help with a number of tasks such as whisking and mixing.


2. Robot Coupe Automatic Juicer


This Robot Coupe juicer is a great addition for any chef’s kitchen. Producing high volumes of juice quickly, the Robot Coupe juicer allows you to create quality juice effortlessly.


3. Ital Blast Chiller 92lt


Every kitchen needs a fridge and this chiller is one any chef should consider. The Ital blast chiller keeps food fresh and allows you to produce food in advance without compromising on quality. Easy to use controls, stainless steel construction and can shock freeze.


4. Lincat Free Standing Electric Twin Tank Fryer


This Lincat fryer is a great machine to have in the kitchen. For safe use, there are front mounted controls and a hinging element with a safety cut out. There is also easy access to the tanks and a fail safe top temperature which maintains precise oil heat. Great for use with chip frying and pasta boiling.


5. Lincat Bain Marie Wet Heat

bain marie

One of the most useful tools for any chef is the bain marie. Ideal for holding sauces, soups, gravy and most other pre cooked foods. Can keep food at serving temperatures for up to two hours and includes a heat control for added adaptability.


12 August 2013


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