So, You Need New Workwear?

Your jacket is looking a little old, your shoes aren’t up to scratch and your hat has had its day, you feel it is about time you purchased some new clothing for work. Well for any chef, the uniform is an important part of the job. You can’t enter the kitchen without wearing your whites, so if your workwear is looking a little tired then you need to think about investing in some new clothing for the kitchen. As we all know, it is vital that a chef owns the required uniform for working in a food environment. To follow strict hygiene and safety regulations, all kitchen professionals need to wear good quality whites when at work.   Choosing new workwear to most chefs may be a doddle. Usually they don’t even have to think about it, they just open up their usually supplies catalogues and order their clothes, job done. But it may be worthwhile to venture out when it comes to choosing your chef whites. Today there are many different brands and styles of professional kitchen clothing. New innovations and designs have been brought into the world of catering workwear to create top class uniforms that are perfect for working in a food environment.   Here at Russums, our aim is to provide top quality, innovative chef whites and catering clothing. Our range includes a number of well know manufacturers who specialise in creating clothing for chefs and kitchen professionals. We also stock our own high quality clothing, which you will find in our Russums collection. If it is time to purchase some new whites, then our store is the place to find everything you need. From shoes and hats to jackets and trousers, we have it all. Below are just a few of our items, but for more of our quality catering workwear, browse our entire chef clothing range on our store.

Russums Airback Technical Chefs Tunic White

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This air conditioning jacket allows your body to breath in a hot and humid kitchen. An aerated lower back panel lets air circulate and cool your body. Vented underarms are also included to allow air movement.

Executive Chefs Trousers Black

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For the head chef who needs to look smart yet feel comfortable, these executive trousers are ideal. Made using executive style and quality, these trousers are suitable for any busy head chef.

Professional Kitchen Hats

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We offer a selection of different style hats. Whichever kind you are required to wear, we feature a range of professional kitchen hats here at Russums.

12 June 2013


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