A Few of Our Favourite Recipe Sites

Here at Russums we love a good recipe. The love of good food is what keeps the catering industry going. Catering professionals and chefs alike are all about creating delicacy masterpieces for others to enjoy. For some it is all about inspiration. Taking ideas from a simple recipe and making it your own is something many chefs enjoy. Turning an old classic into an innovative taste sensation and a visually appetising plate full of food is something a lot of caterers are passionate about. We are constantly looking up professional recipes from chefs and have created a list for you to read through. Take a look at some of these delicious looking recipes and let your inspiration get the better of you.

Chef’s Pencil

The Chef’s Pencil is a site full of professional recipes. You will find a whole selection of desserts, main courses, starters, snacks, sides and more to whet your appetite. If you fancy a challenge then there are plenty of recipes on the Chef’s Pencil to try. You will also find some food related advice and how to’s when it comes to preparing professional dishes.

Great British Chefs

Great British Chefs offers some great dishes for caterers to try. You will find plenty of professional gourmet recipes for you create in the kitchen, all from great British chefs. The site also offers a chef section so you can read up on how the pros have got where they are today.

Ideal Chef

The Ideal Chef is another great site which others video recipes and how to’s when it comes to professional cookery. You will find many different kinds of appetizers, breakfasts, pastry dishes, desserts, entrees and much more. Each recipe is featured in video form, so you can watch the experts as they create their delicious dishes.

Cook With Chefs

For a plethora of tasty recipes, check out Cook With Chefs. The site features a range of world inspired dishes for chefs to try. Whether you want to attempt a new take on the traditional curry, or perhaps an adventurous Lamb and Pomegranate meal, Cook With Chefs is the perfect site for any kitchen professional.

Essentially Catering

Any professional caterer should take a look at Essentially Catering. The site features a huge selection of recipes for chefs to try. With dishes including Crunchy Peanut Butter Turkey Curry and Griddled Sirloin and Chip Salad, you will find plenty of inspiration at Essentially Catering to help you create a masterpiece in the kitchen.

For more great chef’s recipes check out our Pinterest board which is full of delicious, professional dishes for you to try - http://pinterest.com/russums/professional-recipes/

31 May 2013


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