Catering Clothing Why Is It Needed?

Cookery and working in a kitchen requires many things. The right skills, appropriate equipment, a good knowledge of food and the correct clothing. Like any other job, working as a chef requires you to wear a uniform, not only for workwear purposes but also safety and hygiene reasons. Working in an environment when there is constantly food requires strict hygiene regulations, plus sharp knives, heavy equipment and slippery floors also call for important safety rules. These need to be stuck to and by wearing the right catering clothing, you will help towards a safer and more hygienic kitchen. Safety Kitchens can be pretty dangerous environments when you consider all of the hazards. Sharp knives could drop, floors could become wet and slippery, materials could catch fire from open flame hobs, plus heavy equipment such as whisks, pans and weights could also fall off work surfaces. To protect yourself from these dangers, you should always wear the correct clothing. Chef jackets, trousers and footwear are all designed to help keep you safe when working in the kitchen. Hygiene If you are creating food then hygiene will be of the up most importance. Un-tied hair could contaminate food, clothes that have been worn outside the kitchen may carry germs or dirt and spread to your food, heeled or slippy shoes may cause you to trip and fall, plus hot foods or liquids could spill on to. Chef clothing and uniforms are designed to help you adhere to kitchen hygiene rules at all times. Sometimes, not always, gloves are also worn on the hands to prevent contamination when touching food, but this should not replace hand washing. Health Health also comes into play when wearing the right uniform in a professional kitchen. Warm temperatures can cause humidity so keeping cool with a cold neckerchief and breathable clothing is essential. Wearing oven gloves is also vital when working with hot equipment to protect hands from burns. Wearing the right catering clothing will help you to stick to safety and hygiene rules. Here at Russums we know the importance of chef uniforms and stock a wide range of jackets, footwear, hats and more. If you are in need of catering clothing, browse our range here at Russums.

12 April 2013


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