Professional Knives The Essential Tools for Any Chef

You need Quality Equipment when it comes to food preparation and catering, there are many pieces of equipment that need to be acquired when at work in the kitchen. Like any job, you need to have the right tools to get the job done and cookery is a skill that requires the correct utensils. High quality equipment will result in high quality food and someone who works in the catering industry should never under estimate the value of good working tools. Let’s face it, you wouldn’t mix your egg whites with a broken whisk, so why would you chop your carrots with a blunt knife? Quality equipment is an essential acquirement for any employee working in the food industry. Efficiency and Accuracy The main utensils that any caterer should have are knives. Any chef will tell you that a quality knife is a valuable piece of kitchen equipment. One that cuts well and is properly kept will allow you to prepare food correctly, efficiently and accurately. Time is of the essence when creating dishes, so efficiency from a good working knife comes in very handy. Accuracy also plays a part in creating great food, too much or too little of an ingredient and your dish has gone to pot. A sharp knife will allow you to cut precisely the amount you need, resulting in a perfect dish. Brands and Manufacturers When it comes to purchasing knives and utensils, you should look for a good brand or a well known manufacturer. Recommended names should also be considered when shopping around for a new set of knives. Here at Russums we stock only the finest brands when it comes to our chefs knives. Giesser Messer, Global, Granton, Gustav Emil Ern, Kasumi and Victorinox are all available on our store. Of course these are just a few of the many manufacturers we stock. There are many different brands available that create knives and professional kitchen utensils. As anyone will know, different dishes originate from different parts of the world, well the same can be said for knives. For example, Kasumi manufacture their products in Japan and take design inspiration from traditional Japanese swords. This is how many other brands create their knives and kitchen utensils. For more of our quality chef's knives or to find out more about our professional utensils and catering equipment, see the rest of our online store for details.

5 April 2013


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