Comfort and Style with Chefs Whites

Working in the kitchen the all day is no easy task. A chef’s jacket and coat should be extremely comfortable and when stylishly designed keeping this aspect in mind, then you have the best combination. Both comfort and style are important when it comes to chef's whites. As Chefs White hats are usually made of pure cotton, the chef can wear the same jacket all day long without feeling uncomfortable. When a chef is in the kitchen, he is exposed to a lot of heat during the cooking process. Cotton or a polyester cotton mix fabrics in chefs whites are comfortable to wear in these hot conditions. Chefs whites need cleaning every day since they are exposed to oil, flavours and food items. There is a high risk of staining as well. So it's best to have a few Jackets you can rotate. As our Chefs jackets are of high quality these wash well and won't show signs of wear for a long time. The most important point to remember is to choose chef's whites that are comfortable, as you'll be wearing them a lot. Although you may want to look good when you’re working in a hot kitchen you’ll favor comfort over style. Of course we have stylish jackets available for the more fashion conscious and we ensure that these are just as comfortable as the standard jackets.

19 June 2011


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