Supplies You Need To Be Top Chef

A chef is as only as good as his instruments. If you want to create and serve the best then you have to be prepared with the best equipment and supplies and let’s face it — who doesn’t want to serve the best food they possibly can? To be a great chef you need to be aware of the extensive range of supplies and equipment available to help create the perfect dish. When this equipment is utilised correctly, it can be done more accurately and with a greater level of ease. At Russums you can browse some of the best brands and products available in the industry, all in one place. We understand the pressures involved in creating good food, on time, to the right cost — so with that in mind why not take the some of the stress away by using the utilities and supplies available you so that you can concentrate on your cooking? Here at Russums we stock the finest and most reliable equipment to ensure that you, the master chef can maximise your potential and ability to craft good food. Our stock covers all the bases, ensuring that you have all the essentials to become a top chef. From durable pans and colanders, informative books and recipes to specialist knives, there is nothing you could want that we don’t have. We have a good understanding of strong brand characteristics and identity, which is why we only sell top brands to our customers such as Global and Kasumi. Only the best chefs understand the power of using the right equipment, so if you’re interested in finding the right product for you and your business, browse our entire product range at

4 February 2011


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