New Facets To Food

Need a gift for a wannabe Heston Blumenthal? Take a look at our molecular gastronomy kits for a very unique solution. Molecular gastronomy has become increasingly popular as a cuisine style since top Michelin restaurants including the Fat Duck and elBulli have become known for their scientific approach to culinary perfection. A perfect way to try out the new and exciting way of cooking is to pick up our StarterPro Kit For Molecular Gastronomy, which is available now for under 40. The kit contains a range of weird and wonderful items to get budding Blumenthals started, including sodium alginate, calcium salt, agar agar, a food silicone tube, and measuring pipettes. For those who’d rather read up on molecular gastronomy before they dive in, we can recommend ‘Molecular Basics’ by Heiko Antoniewicz which is in stock now. The excellent guide to the innovative cuisine style is perfect for beginners and describes the fundamentals of molecular cuisine by way of 60 fantastic recipes including Tomato Sheet with Goat's Milk Cream Cheese, Scallops with Raspberry Vinaigrette, and Woodruff Punch with Berries. If you’re looking to add some drama to your dishes then we’ve got exactly what you need, so take a look at our molecular gastronomy range today.

17 December 2010


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